Professional Ai brush long 6-piece set

Professional Ai brush long 6-piece set

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Kumano brush professional makeup brush set of 6

This set is suitable for most makeup
A long-sized carrying case set with most of the brushes needed for makeup. The long size is suitable for making people like a professional make-up artist.

Product Specifications

  • Cosmetic box size: L230xW90 x H25, weight: 145g
  • Material of each brush:
    ① Powder brush: Selected wool
    ② Cheek brush: Pony
    ③ Eye shadow: Pony
    ④ Blow & Koum: Pony
    ⑤ Tip: Sponge
    ⑥ Lip: Weasel hair
  • Pouch color: red
  • Brush axis color: black

Product content

  • Contains 6 Kumano brush professional sets. You can carry it in the red pouch. It is also suitable for gifts in a white vanity case.