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KOCHO Super absorption, deodorant, quick-drying pet sheet

KOCHO's pet toilet seats are thick sheets and high molecular weight absorbent polymers that absorb a large amount of water and prevent leaks. The top sheet is a durable non-woven fabric that prevents rubbing and tearing, and a sheet containing activated carbon absorbs and deodorizes odors. In addition, it is a pet sheet that can prevent leakage from the liquid sheet by instantly absorbing the liquid and forming it into an individual. KOCHO's pet sheet, which can be instantly absorbed and deodorized, protects the home from the unpleasant odor of the pet's toilet and does not stain the soles of the pet's feet, thus relieving the stress of pet dogs. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from potty training for home puppies and kittens, adult dogs, and senior dogs that are sticking out of the toilet.

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  • KOCHO Toilet sheet for dogs and cats
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