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Garlic nourishing food series
Garlic is an ingredient that has been useful for maintaining good health since ancient times.
During the Edo period, the change of attendance from Satsuma to Edo was a very tough trip. "Garlic egg yolk" is a nourishing food that was born to support the health of the Satsuma Domain. "Garlic" and "yolk" were the ideal combination to enhance each other's nutrients. In healthy families, further scientific research has shown that alliin, a useful ingredient in garlic, is more absorptive when taken with egg yolk. Also, regarding the material, "garlic" uses organically grown safe garlic, and the major feature is that it is easy to drink by suppressing the odor with vegetable soft capsules. In order to fulfill the mission of a healthy family, "I want to continue to support the healthy lives of our customers like a mother who wishes for the happiness of the family," we carry out everything from product development to production, sales and shipping of materials in-house. ..

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