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This is a new type of relaxation exercise that can be continued without any physical loading to unwind, loosen, and circulate. It is useful for people with leg and back problems.

"Kenko Life", a manufacturer that supports the health of our customers (Headquarters: Fukuoka)
While listening to my physical problems, I began to seriously think about how to deal with my problems with my legs and legs due to lack of exercise and sitting too much. Exercise with a load leads to stress and is difficult to continue. Therefore, as a result of trial and error under the theme of "exercise equipment that can be easily lengthened," "Ashifumi Kenko Life Ziggru" was born. The secret that is acclaimed is the structure that allows you to continue rhythmically. In just 5 minutes, you can do about 1,000 foot exercises, which is equivalent to 10 minutes of walking, and effectively approach deep muscles. While relaxing with the "fluctuation" effect, it supports loosening, loosening, and traveling. After 10 minutes, it will warm up from the inside and you will feel as if you are receiving a massage.

You can use your time effectively while watching newspapers, TV, or a computer because you just put your feet on it while sitting. Safe and free to carry without using electricity.
I was particular about the material so that I could use it with confidence. Using Kumamoto Sugi, which is 80 to 100 years old, it is carefully handmade by craftsmen. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of natural wood and the smooth texture. Received the "Fukuoka Design Award" for the taste of luxury furniture that makes use of the natural grain of wood. It is highly functional and has been certified as a welfare device and has been introduced in medical facilities and treatment centers. This is a self-confident work that I would definitely recommend to those with high health consciousness.

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