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KOCHO Toilet sheet for dogs and cats

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Super absorption, deodorant, quick-drying toilet sheet relieves stress on pets

KOCHO Potty pads are manufactured by Kocho, a Japanese company with a history of more than 50 years, in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous as a "paper town".
Since its founding, we have been making efforts to develop "effective", "safe" and highly "absorbent" products, and KOCHO products sold in the United States use the technology developed in-house to "highly absorbable" and "leak". Equipped with "prevention" and "strong deodorant function", it relieves stress on pets and their owners.
A pet toilet sheet that is twice as thick as conventional products and is made by combining 6 layers of sheets. A sheet using a high molecular weight absorbent polymer used for disposable diapers prevents urine leakage, and a sheet containing activated carbon is used for toilets. You can deodorize the unpleasant odor of. In addition, by instantly absorbing the liquid and forming it into an individual, it prevents leakage from the sheet and reversion of urine and keeps the sole of the pet clean.

  • Small / Medium sizeWe recommend that you replace the dog 5-6 times for a small dog (30 ml toilet) and 2-4 times for a medium-sized dog (50 ml toilet).
  • Large / Extra Large sizeWe recommend that you replace the dog 3-4 times for medium-sized dogs (50 ml toilet) and 1-2 times for large dogs (200 ml toilet).

It is a toilet sheet that solves the problems of puppy / kitten toilet training, adult / senior dog toilet protrusion and odor.


Product Specifications

  • Surface material: Polyolefin non-woven fabric
  • Absorbent material: fluff pulp, tissue with activated carbon, high absorption polymer
  • Waterproof material: Polyethylene film
  • Adhesive material: Hot melt adhesive
  • Exterior: Polyethylene film

Product content

  • Small / Medium size: 18 ”x 23” (45cm x 60cm) 44 pieces
  • Large / Extra Large Size: 23 ”x 26” (60cm x 90cm) 18 pieces


  • $ 8 per pack of shipping (delivered only to 48 states in the continental United States)