Platinum deep treatment
Platinum deep treatment
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Platinum deep treatment



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Anti-aging care created by the ultimate high technology

Description of item
A beauty essence that contains platinum, which has been used as a medicine since ancient Egypt, and argylline, which is called botox to be applied. Platinum does not mix with other substances and does not change, and it is said that it has a mysterious power to destroy bad components in the body. It was made into fine particles of 1 billionth of a meter by nanotechnology and blended.


  • Platinum has the function of adjusting the ion balance of the skin, and maintains normal skin metabolism by supplementing the cell activation function that the skin originally has.
  • It also contains plant-derived argillin, which was developed as a substitute for Botox, and has quick effects such as suppressing skin aging, whitening, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing.
  • A beauty essence designed to be effective against deep wrinkles and sagging by blending platinum, which is said to have a stronger reducing action (antioxidant) than pure gold, with other active ingredients.

Main ingredients

  • platinum
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-3
  • Arbchin
  • Retinol