Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam
Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam
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Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam



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Foam is the life of face washing! Facial cleansing skin that pleases the skin

Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam (Super Concentrate)
3.5oz / 100g
(New concept) "Facial cleansing" is the basis of skin care. Rinse to remove dirt. However, there is no point in damaging your precious skin.

<< Features >>
POINT1 Dense foam
Wraps the skin with fine and elastic foam POINT2 Anti-aging
Bare skin beauty that shines even with age

Wraps the skin with amazingly fine and elastic foam with a little use
● Commitment to foam
"Foam" is important for washing your face. But it's not just about whipping. The important thing is how to make "fine" and "elastic" bubbles. The good quality foam acts as a cushion and removes dirt without damaging the skin.
● Skin-friendly cleansing ingredients
Contains "amino acid-based cleansing ingredients" that leave the moisture needed for the skin and remove only dirt, and "plant-based cleansing ingredients" that are the highest quality that is gentle on the skin.

Making bare skin that shines even as you age while washing
● Contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients and anti-aging ingredients, leading to firm skin that your fingers will stick to after washing your face.

Anti-aging & moisturizing & anti-inflammatory

● Pueraria mirifica root extract (anti-aging)
・ ・ ・ It has about 40 times the skin-beautifying effect of soy isoflavone, and by extracting and blending a high-concentration extract using a patented manufacturing method, it leads to firm, elastic and transparent skin.
● Pure gold (24K) (anti-aging, antioxidant)
・ ・ ・ Collagen production, increased elasticity and elasticity, negative ions

Jojoba seed oil (moisturizing) Na hyaluronate (moisturizing) Polyquaternium-51 (lipidure: moisturizing) Glycyrrhizinate 2K (anti-inflammatory) Laminaria ochlorosquid extract (antioxidant)