Gold Revitalizer 50g / 1.8oz
Gold Revitalizer 50g / 1.8oz
Gold Revitalizer 50g / 1.8oz
Gold Revitalizer 50g / 1.8oz

Gold Revitalizer 50g / 1.8oz



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The power of gold purifies and moisturizes deep into the skin.

We thought that skin care should be simple because it is used every day. We are particular about high-quality materials because they are applied directly to the bare skin. The power of gold is to deliver the active ingredient to the depths of the skin (barrier zone). You may be surprised at its comfort and freshness. Please feel your true self and your true skin.

Description of item
A new sensation soft peeling massage gel with the ion effect of gold (24 gold) that allows the skin to fully moisturize. It not only safely removes dead skin cells, but also promotes the permeability and moisturizing properties of beauty ingredients. Although it is a simple skin care, it leads to transparent skin.


  • The natural ionic effect of gold (24 gold) works deep into the skin to safely remove dead skin cells and at the same time deliver beauty ingredients such as collagen, squalane, elastin, and vitamin E to the skin to moisturize it.
  • Unlike peeling with acid or abrasive, the ionic effect of gold does not hurt the skin.

Main ingredients

  • Pure gold (24 gold)
  • Lumiskin: 30 times more whitening effect than kojic acid
  • Other key ingredients: Vitamin E, aloe, collagen, squalane, hyaluronic acid