"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts
"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts
"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts
"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts
"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts

"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit" for gifts



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To that person who likes Japanese food! AfterCoronaI want you to spend your time with a smile

Give a slightly different gift this year!
Why don't you give a kit to those who like Japanese food to experience the Japanese style "hand-rolled sushi party"? "Easy-to-understand recipe collection (including how to make vinegared rice and how to use tools)" "Carefully selected hand-rolled size grilled seaweed" "Tools for experiencing Japanese" are included in the set, so you can easily "hand" You can challenge "Maki Sushi". In addition, we are particular about tools so that you can experience the uniqueness of Japan. "Shamoji" made from Japanese cypress has a slightly floating cypress scent that makes the rice even more delicious. The "chopsticks" used to take the ingredients are also made from Japanese wild cherry blossoms and have a non-slip treatment to make them easy to use even for those who are not familiar with chopsticks. In addition, we have added characters and patterns that you can enjoy even more to the "sushi tub, salty sauce plate, tenugui, and uchiwa". And above all, "Seven paper cranes" are included in the kit to express the feelings put into the gift. Why don't you give "Japanese-style hospitality entertainment = hand-rolled sushi" as a gift now that you have spent time that you can not meet important people in the corona disaster and have overcome it!

Product content

  1. "Nori for hand-rolled sushi" (50 pieces in half) x 1 made by a long-established store founded 86 years ago
  2. Japanese cypress "shamoji" x 1
  3. Japanese wild cherry "chopsticks" x 2
  4. Tenugui (with bean squeezed "hand-rolled sushi" characters) x 1
  5. Salty sauce dish (black outside / vermilion inside) x 2
  6. Sushi tub (vermilion gourd pattern) x 1
  7. Uchiwa x 1
  8. Recipe collection of how to make vinegared rice, how to make hand-rolled sushi
  9. "Seven paper cranes" are attached as a spirit of hospitality.
    ★ The packaging box has a Japanese atmosphere with a rainbow-colored gradation of parquet.

Product Specifications

  • Hand-rolled grilled seaweed 75g (19.5cm x 9.5cm / 1.5g / 2.5Kcal / salt 15mg / dietary fiber 1g / protein 1g)
  • Rice scoop (21.5 cm Japanese cypress thinned wood used)
  • Chopsticks (23 cm Japanese wild cherry thinned wood used)
  • Tenugui (100 cm x 35 cm)
  • Uchiwa (24 cm x 17 cm)
  • Sushi tub (diameter 18 cm, height 5.5 cm ABS resin)
  • Soy sauce dish (8 cm in diameter, 2 cm in height, ABS resin)
  • Attachment: Origami crane (6 cm x 3 cm made of paper)
  • How to make vinegared rice & how to make hand-rolled sushi Recipe collection (A4 1 sheet)
  • Gift box (26.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 11 cm made of cardboard)