IONPA DP-111 Rechargeable Ionic Electric Toothbrush

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Ideal periodontal care with ionic effect and sonic vibration

Top model in pursuit of functionality
In addition to the "clean" mode, which has the optimum frequency for periodontal care that is gentle on teeth and gums, you can choose from four modes to suit your needs, such as massage and whitening. Even with gentle vibrations that can be polished in the same way as hand polishing, the ion effect removes plaque and makes your teeth smooth. In addition to the attached brush with antibacterial ultra-fine hair that easily fits into the periodontal pocket, you can also use it by changing your favorite brush from the various replacement brushes of KISS YOU, an ion toothbrush for hand polishing.

Product Specifications

  • Mode: Clean, White Plus, Gum Care, High Clean
  • Functions: Brushing time timer function, memory function, battery level display, brush replacement display
  • Power supply: USB rechargeable 4 hours full charge
  • Frequency: Clean Approximately 22,000 strokes / minute White Plus Approximately 26,000 strokes / minute
  • Attached brush: 2 extra-fine hair brushes * Brush head black for navy blue body Brush head white for pearl white body
  • Other accessories: USB charger USB adapter
  • Waterproof performance: IPX7

Product content

  • IONPA DP-111
  • 2 wide brushes (Shop NY Seikatsu special promotions)
  • 2 compact brushes (Shop NY Seikatsu special promotions)