Baby skin for women Cosmetic Proud Anti-Aging Seminar

The "Spring Special Anti-Aging Seminar" by "Cosme Proud", a high-end basic cosmetics company, was held at the Japanese American Association of New York on May 24, with a capacity of 70 people.

Katsuya Araki, the representative of the company, gave a lecture on the mechanism of skin metabolism and prevention of aging, including measures against UV rays and dryness in spring. At the opening, Mr. Hideko Colton, a cook who loves the company's products, said, "Peeling on baby's skin. Once you use Cosmetic Proud, you will really feel the goodness." The "Gold Revitalizer" presented to all participants is a peeling massage gel containing pure gold that does not use acid or abrasives. "It removes dirt and dead skin cells without removing sebum from the skin, and keeps young skin with the negative ion effect of gold," said Araki. Participants experienced this massage gel and actively exchanged impressions and information. (Sister Ohno, photo)

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