Cosmetic Proud Autumn Beauty Seminar

Cosmetic Proud's Autumn Beauty Seminar was held at Edgewater, New Jersey on the 5th, and at the NY Nikkei Kaikan in Manhattan on the night of the following 6th, with about 90 participants on both days.

The company, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, has increased its skin care line and hair care products, and now sells more than 20 types of products, which are well received in Japan and the United States. This time, all participants will be presented with "Platinum Deep Treatment" (already sold in Japan), a beauty essence for wrinkles and sagging, which will be renewed and released next spring. This product uses nanotechnology to make platinum into fine particles, and succeeds in removing active oxygen that is harmful to the skin, which causes aging. Furthermore, it has become a popular product that luxuriously contains ingredients essential for skin activation, such as vitamin C derivatives, aloe, and retinol. Katsuya Araki, President and CEO of Cosmetic Proud, uses posters to explain the mechanism of the skin and the relationship between sebum and hormones in an easy-to-understand manner, and sells products such as cleansing, exfoliating gel and cream in June this year. Introduced a face mask containing two plant stem cell extracts that started. Finally, it announced that it will release a new collaboration brand "Dragon Splash" with Mr. Hideko Colton, a culinary researcher living in New York, in June next year. Mr. Colton, who loves the company's products, gave a greeting at the end of the seminar and appealed to the visitors that the product was comfortable to use.

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