Periodontal care with ionic effect and sonic vibration

Three models of the IONPA series of electric toothbrushes developed by IONIC Corporation (Headquarters: Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture), a leading company in Japan for ion toothbrushes, have recently been released in the United States.

The series is an epoch-making electric toothbrush that can remove plaque efficiently even if the vibration is not strong because it loosens the bond between teeth and plaque by adding sonic vibration to the ion effect. You can brush your teeth with the same feeling as a toothbrush for hand brushing, and even people who are sensitive to strong vibrations and the elderly can use it with confidence. Izumi, the director of the Oral Care Perio Center of Sogo Minami Tohoku Hospital, who cooperated in the development of this series because he wanted to make an electric toothbrush that can be used as if he were brushing his hands with gentle vibration. Dr. Yuichi explains the characteristics of the toothbrush as follows. Dental plaque is usually charged with negative ions, and it is said that the same negative ions are charged and adsorbed on the tooth surface by the action of positive ions of calcium in saliva. Ionpa can loosen the bond between plaque and teeth by generating negative ions at the ends of the hair by passing a weak current from the built-in battery. It can be said that Ionpa is the most excellent electric toothbrush for periodontal care due to the synergistic effect of plaque effect and radio wave vibration with a gentler vibration of 22,000 strokes per minute. Top model released in the United States this timeIONPA DPIn addition to the clean mode with the optimum frequency for teeth and periodontal care, it has a function that allows you to select four modes according to your purpose, such as massage and whitening. Even with the gentle vibration that can be polished like hand polishing, the effect of removing plaque and making the teeth smooth can be expected by the ion effect. When actually used, the surface of the teeth becomes smooth, and the gums after polishing are refreshing and comfortable. You can remove the way you polish your pockets before. Compared with a general hand-polished toothbrush, the plaque removal rate is 196% (verification at Tokyo Medical and Dental University).

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