Round plate grater for wasabi of Tsuboe

Round plate grater for wasabi of Tsuboe

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A grater exclusively for wasabi that achieves a fine and creamy texture.

Established in 1907, Tsuboe Co., Ltd.'s wasabi-only round plate challenges the limit of sharpening with a blade height of 0.2 mm in eight directions. Achieves a fine and creamy texture.

Product content

  • Tsuboe Wasabi Grated Gold Matte Black [Color] 1 point

Product Specifications

  • Grater body 21-0 stainless steel
  • Silicone lid (bed plate)
  • Silicone rubber / heat resistant temperature 200 degrees
  • Cold resistant temperature -20 degrees
  • Color matte black
  • Size 106 round x 10 mm (21-0 stainless steel plate thickness 1.5 mm) (including lid)
  • Weight 126g
  • Producer Tsuboe Co., Ltd.